TPX provides a large variety of logistics services in all around the country.

eCommerce Delivery Service

TPX is ready to provide logistics solutions for eCommerce companies, CLP (Customer Logistics Portal) is a new way for eCommerce companies to import their information directly into our Database, TPX also provide API solution for those companies who have their own control panel.


Reduced time to market requirements, increased customisation and multichannel retailing – today’s online business has major implications for logistics. TPX can help you face them with flexible and innovative warehousing and order fulfillment solutions.

Express Service

When urgent shipping situations arise, you should know that TPX is ready to offer a solution that fits your needs for nearly any charter, air, ground, or courier shipment. Optimize time-sensitive delivery of your shipment around the country with a single call to TPX

COD (Cash On Delivery) Service

E-shoppers enjoy the extensive range of products available in the country marketplaces, but this places even greater importance on the delivery and returns options available. As this is our original field of business, your customers can expect the best of services.

Logistics solution service

TPX solutions help you save time and money, serve customers better, and increase efficiency. Find the shipping or logistics solution that's right for you.

Schedule Online Pick-up

You can enjoy the convenience of having your shipment picked up at your home or office. Once you have scheduled a pickup with TPX, you can modify your request, check your pickup status, view pickup history, or set your preferences.


TPX branches are all around the country divided by three below types:


Counters will be established in required cities of current projects, after the completion of projects and services they will be collected and closed.

Economy Branches

Economy branches includes more than 160 cities in the country, TPX support only delivery in the Economy branches.

VIP Branches

VIP branches are official TPX offices in the country's main cities, pickup and delivery both are available in the VIP Branches.

Who We Are

With various types of delivery vehicles and efficient service, TPX is the first fast delivery service provider of Iran which was established in 2011 as a subsidiary to Tipax Courier Service.

We have been transporting goods and delivering parcels under 24 hours for institutions, organizations, governmental agencies and personal consumption.

Speed, accuracy and trust are valued by TPX and they are the number one reason why customers have and continue to trust TPX.

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