TPX provides a large variety of logistics services in all around the country.

eCommerce Delivery Service

TPX is ready to provide logistics solutions for eCommerce companies, CLP (Customer Logistics Portal) is a new way for eCommerce companies to import their information directly into our Database, TPX also provide API solution for those companies who have their own control panel.

Logistics services

T.P.X offers logistic facilities to customers. Goods can be stored in the 1200 meter cubes T.P.X inventory. Supporting online businesses, T.P.X suggest these facilities and customized services to customers with special contract. 

24 hours delivery

Nowadays there are 30 thousand firms in Iran that use online networks in order to sell products while they all suffer from one main problem. That problem is the time taking of product delivery that lasts 48 hours in Tehran and about a week in other cities of Iran. 
In T.P.X customers will enjoy not only the advantage of speed in product delivery but also are able to observe and control the movement of their order from the very beginning point in origin until the final point in destination.

COD (Cash On Delivery) Service

The majority of online businesses face the challenge of settling the fee, but T.P.X has removed this obstacle. While the majority of online businesses suffers from the challenge of supporting working capital due to delay in payments, our clients will be paid properly by COD system in 24 hours in Tehran and one week in the other cities of Iran.

Have your own customized panel

“T.P.X customized panel” offers you many options such as the ability to follow the exact location of your product in its shipment. Customers could use it simply by entering the website and loading the product's features accurately in the defined Excel software in order to always be aware of the shipment of the goods in its journey. Also, it is useful for following the exact location of only one product. Moreover, customers could easily consider the accounting condition. The hardware and the software of T.P.X besides its own powerful distribution shipment network allow customers to get what they need by customized panel.

Schedule Online Pick-up

You can enjoy the convenience of having your shipment picked up at your home or office. Once you have scheduled a pickup with TPX, you can modify your request, check your pickup status, view pickup history, or set your preferences.


TPX branches are all around the country divided by three below types:


Section one includes "dedicated branches" which are official branches of T.P.X in different cities. Except central office and the main branch in Tehran, we have several branches in 33 cities. T.P.X will enjoys dedicated branches in all principal cities of Iran very soon. These particular branches are responsible for collecting and distributing shipments in the same time.

Economy Branches

The second section includes "economic branches". T.P.X has economic branches in more than 160 cities in Iran. These are defined only for distribution duties. T.P.X enjoys the advantage of the main network which is established by the mother company, Tipax in order to deliver goods much faster and efficiently.


VIP Branches

The third section is counter branches which offer a modern style of goods transportation. These are established for a particular object and then will be removed after the accomplishment of final stage of that project in order to reduce the cost for the customers and the company both.


About us

T.P.X Company is one of the subsidiaries of Iranian Fakher Holding, and was established in 2011 with approach of offering expertise services in urban shipment of goods. Since the very beginning T.P.X has started its professional activities not only in Tehran, but also in 64 distribution points and branches across Iran. The advantage of accuracy and speed in service delivery made us a pioneer in fast service of goods shipment. Delivering goods, products and documents of public and private firms is only one of the main services which are offered by T.P.X. 
T.P.X is determined to develop mutual contact of sender with receiver as a communication channel. Our strategy is to deliver goods as soon as possible by using modern software and up-to-date procedures of service delivery. 
Great progress of T.P.X in technological infrastructure contributes to number one online services needless usual time taking bureaucracy. Consequently, our customers enjoy special services with lower cost in goods shipment.  



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